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Tell us what you're Thinking.

by Christopher Dawson on 03/29/11

Thanks everyone for your continued support.  Well, Spring is here folks. We'd like to know what new products you'd like to see from Mansacorp.  Please let us know.


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1. Angela said on 3/29/11 - 12:52PM
Hi guys. Continue with your bodywash soaps and smooth lotion. I love them. As far as new products, have you thought about a new flavor lotion? Maybe almond or even unscented? Take care.
2. Rich said on 4/18/11 - 05:50PM
Hello Mansa. My wife likes your lotion. I use the peppermint soap. It works well for me since I am usually on the go. Very refreshing scent. What about a Mansa colgne or perfume? What do you think?
3. James said on 4/26/11 - 12:53PM
Hello All. I use the lotion and the Peppermint Soap, love both of them. The lotion I use sometimes to give my girl a massage. What about an unscented lotion? I'd like to get a massage too.
4. Carol said on 5/21/11 - 02:00PM
Hi Mansa. You sure have the answer. I've been using your smooth lotion for some time now. How about a matching perfume? I know you'll come up with the right answer Mansa. Take care.

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