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Mansa Lavender Soap - 32 oz size.

Mansa Lavender Soap has a pleasant floral scent and is made of natural ingredients to give you that fresh feeling after you use it.  The combination of vitamin E, olive oil and lavender essential oil moisturize skin and help to control acne and aid in stress relief.  Use Mansa Lavender Soap to relax your mind and body.  Also available in 16 oz size.

B) Mansa Hair Treatment/Conditioner - 4 oz.

Give your hair long lasting body and control, while minimizing spit ends.  Nutmeg and Shea Butter combine to moisturize and protect against dryness.  Use Mansa Hair treatment and conditioner to achieve and maintain good hair and scalp. 

C) Mansa Almond Soap is a superbly gentle exfoliating cleanser that reveals naturally radiant skin without drying.  The rich, natural almond scent will leave you feeling refreshed and calm.  Our brand is naturally thicker than  most others on the market to give you the best almond flavor.  With vitamine E and glycerin added to help your skin retain it's moisture you will soon fall in love with Mansa Almond Soap.  Also available in 16 oz size.

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